Since 1996 more than 3,500 electrical distributors, sales representatives, contractors, end users, and specifying engineers have attended Corrosion College. During the training, they learn the cause of corrosion, corrosion prevention methods, and how to properly specify products for harsh environments.

Corrosion College is a two-day intensive course that provides well-rounded, hands-on experience in understanding and combating the process of corrosion. The comprehensive curriculum includes case studies, laboratory workshops, and interactive presentations demonstrating the details of causes of corrosion, types of corrosion, corrosion prevention methods, proper installation, and use of anti-corrosion products. The hands-on, intensive structure of the course, taught by experienced industry professionals, is highly effective at providing a thorough knowledge of corrosion protection.

Corrosion College Milestones

In 2014, Corrosion College delivered its 200th course and also completed its first-ever presentation conducted in Spanish. Corrosion College also received the “Excellence in Training Award presented at the 2014 NAED National Meeting. In addition, Corrosion College director, Stephanie Ellis, was a recipient of the 2014 “40 under 40” award from Consulting-Specifying Engineer and TED Magazine’s “30 under 35.”