The commitment to lead drives everything we do at Robroy Industries.  We’re a fourth-generation family business with a proud, century-long legacy of quality, innovation, and integrity.  We take the long view in strategic planning and focus on sustainable growth.  And at the end of the day, our core values are non-negotiable when it comes to our family of brands, as well as our partners, customers and our team.

We’re looking for a few partners, like you, who are ready to take their company to the next level.

Our Vision
What Makes Robroy Your Ideal Partner?
Icn mfg roots
Manufacturing Roots

We understand what a family legacy means. Robroy Industries is an American success story dating back to 1905 and the steel mills of Pittsburgh.

Icn going strong
Going Strong

Robroy’s ownership structure is unique with brothers, Rob McIlroy (CEO) and Jeff McIlroy (Chairman of the Board), leading the way.  This allows for quick and nimble decision-making.

Icn win win

Robroy Industries works hard so all partners can achieve their goals and objectives.  With a proven history of successfully building niche products, Robroy ensures preserving the legacy of your brand.

Icn strag invest
Strategic Investments

We invest back into operations. We invest in people.  We invest in innovation.  This helps us to create long-term sustainable growth and maintain our competitive advantage.

Icn partnership

Whether you are looking for a new home for your brand or an opportunity to private label, Robroy is a great destination for a multitude of partnership opportunities.

Icn resources

We have the infrastructure, market strategies and resources to create and support business units and to self-fund transactions.  


After a 7 to 8 year partnership as a private label for Robroy Industries, we took the next step in 2016 and welcomed AttaBox into the Robroy family of brands.  It was the right moment for both sides and enabled the AttaBox brand to soar.

Read the Success Story (PDF)
Rocket Rack®

To protect hygienic facilities from debris, particles and bacteria, the innovative Rocket Rack line of products was conceived and made a reality by husband and wife, Ron and Julie Meyer.  To unlock the full growth potential for their rising start-up company, Rocket Rack joined our family of brands.

Read the Success Story (PDF)

Be a Part of the Vision.

Robroy Industries would be a great partner or a great destination if you’re considering selling your business.  We can preserve your legacy by providing the security to grow and nurture the business you created.  Please, come join the Robroy Industries family as we lead the way.

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