For over 100 years Robroy has been the industry leader in protecting electrical infrastructure in the harshest environments.  Always, a first to produce products with an imperative just beyond traditional applications.  By working closely with customers to meet specific requirements and with a willingness to design and develop complete solutions for niche markets we have built a reputation as the marquee brand in specialized raceway products.

A growing concern has been placed on food safety and the prevention of both corrosion and contamination.  We understand the significant risks involved which could result in fines, fees, and products recalls.  This is why Robroy Stainless has developed the first electrical infrastructure system designed to specifically address these concerns and minimize both corrosion and contamination. When determining the proper conduit system to be used it is critical to understand the environmental conditions as well as the appropriate standards.

Our innovative design takes corrosion resistance and contamination elimination to a new level.

Robroy Stainless Steel’s growing raceway system solution includes conduit, fittings and accessories. Check out our online product catalog here to see current product offering.