Over the years, our company built and acquired numerous manufacturing facilities throughout the country, serving diverse industries. In 1995, a major restructuring of Robroy began and the company was divided into distinct operations, each with its own management team. Today, the organization consists of:

Raceway Division

Robroy Industries Raceway Division is located in Gilmer, Texas. Gilmer is located in Northeast Texas near Longview, between Dallas and Shreveport.

The Raceway Division is home to two brands of PVC Coated Raceway – Plasti-Bond, and Perma-Cote. This product is used as a raceway system to house data or power lines in highly corrosive environments. These environments typically have an imperative to continue operations and do so in a safe manner.

Additionally, the Raceway Division includes two brands which offer the first line of hygienic stainless steel conduit fittings and sanitary support – Robroy Stainless and ROCKET RACK®. These systems are typically used in FDA-regulated facilities, including food, beverage and pharmaceutical.

Since 1962, Robroy has continued to drive to ensure the quality of its brands lead the industry in establishing standards for PVC-coated conduit. Each of the three brands manufactured in Gilmer is certified through ETL, an independent third party organization that establishes performance standards for product verification. Robroy brands are proven to provide 10-20 times the service life of those brands that have not passed ETL certified testing.

As one of the largest employers in the community, Robroy Raceway Division enjoys a long standing mutually beneficial relationship with the City of Gilmer and the surrounding area. The company is proud to support local businesses and the community.

ECN/Korns, part of the Robroy Industries Raceway Division, is located in Avinger, Texas. Avinger is located in Northeast Texas near Longview, between Dallas and Shreveport.

ECN/Korns provides you cost-competitive elbows, galvanized couplings, clamps, nipples and accessories such as the original KORNS Clamp.

This location of Robroy services the electrical industry through electrical wholesale distributors located across the United States. The products are used as accessories for raceway systems in large commercial or industrial construction projects as well as ongoing plant maintenance.

Enclosures Division

Robroy Enclosures located in Belding MI, near Grand Rapids, provides state-of-the-art electrical enclosures made from non-metal material for outdoor and indoor industrial use. Since the 1940’s, Robroy Enclosures has engineered and manufactured high quality enclosures and is home to 2 brands of Non-Metallic Enclosures – Stahlin and AttaBox.

What started out as a solution for excessive corrosion in a gulf coast oil platform application, has become a diverse product offering for a wide variety of industries providing solutions to solve everyday problems.

Robroy’s enclosures house electrical components and controls in environments that require additional protection from corrosion as well as a customized solution. Waste water treatment, renewable energy applications, oil exploration, chemical processing, rail systems and food processing are but a few of the many applications for Robroy Enclosure products. In addition, we offer a wide range of products from different product families to solve everyday needs.

Robroy Enclosures also offers its ModRight and FormRight programs. These programs provide a service to engineers and designers that help them with solving problems that standard off the shelf products cannot solve. From custom designed non-metallic enclosures to custom composite formulations, Robroy Enclosures has the technology and service support to help with even the most demanding applications.