Robroy PVC-coated Form 8 Condulet Bodies now certified by UL for Type 4X & IEC for IP69 rating


Several environments including the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical facilities, water and wastewater treatment facilities, refineries, and transportation infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels have a need for products with high corrosion resistance that must protect electrical systems from routine exposure to hose-directed water, splashing water, windblown dust and rain, and external ice damage.

The combination of water, chemicals, dust, high pressures and temperatures can prove to be fatal for electrical systems if not properly protected. Therefore, it is critical that electrical specifiers use products carrying the UL Type 4X and IP69 rating. An IP69 rating indicates that the product is suitable for regular high-pressure, high temperature wet cleaning in these facilities, while UL Type 4X indicates that it also meets all of the requirements for a watertight enclosure, corrosion protection, and appropriate coatings according to UL514A.

Robroy PVC coated Form 8 conduit bodies are often specified in PVC coated electrical systems for use in these types of environments. Robroy wanted to provide its customers with assurance that its Form 8 conduit body product meets the IP69 requirements and were tested to wash-down pressures found in the DIN standard of IP69k, providing the highest available protection against ingress of dust, water and other foreign matter.

Ingress protection ratings can be identified by the letters IP, followed by two numbers. These two numbers determine the amount of protection against specified elements and the product’s ability to resist foreign matter. The first number (6) refers to the product’s ability to resist ingress of solid matter such as dust. The second number (9) refers to the product’s ability to resist ingress of high temperature steam / high-pressure water. The larger the number, the greater the protection provided. The IP69 rating is the highest protection available.


First number – Protection against solids

0  No protection.

1  Protected against solid objects greater than 50 mm.

2  Protected against solid objects greater than 12 mm diameter.

3  Protected against solid objects greater than 2.5mm diameter.

4  Protected against solid objects greater than 1.0mm diameter.

5  Dust protected.

6  Dust tight. No Ingress of dust.


Second number – Protection against liquids

0  No protection.

1  Protected against vertically dripping water.

2  Protected against dripping water when tilted up to 15°.

3  Protected against spraying water at an angle of up to 60° from vertical.

4  Protected against splashing water when the enclosure is tilted at any angle up to 15°.

5  Protected against water jets from any direction

6  Protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.

7  Protected against the effects of short term immersion (under defined conditions of pressure and time).

8  Protected against submersion (under conditions specified by the manufacturer).

9k  Protected against close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs.

Testing for IP69 includes a set of tests for both protection against solids and liquids.

The dust test is conducted in a closed dust chamber containing 2 kg/m3 of suspended talcum powder particles of 50μm diameter or less. The powder is circulated for 8 hours at a rate sufficient to cycle the volume of powder present at least 60 times.


In order to bear an IP69 label for protection from water intrusion, the water jetting test is conducted by placing the enclosure on a turntable that rotates every 12 seconds (5 rpm) and spraying 176 F (80⁰C) water from 4-6 inches at a flow rate of 4 gal per minute. Water is sprayed at angles of 0, 30, 60, and 90 degrees for 30 seconds each. Products tested to the IP69K standard, undergoes water pressure of 1160-1450 psi throughout the testing procedure. Following this rigorous testing procedure, the product successfully achieves the rating if it completely resists water ingress.

Robroy PVC coated conduit Form 8 fittings size ½”-4” have the patented V-Seal® gasket protecting the enclosure from dust, water, and corrosion. Using a proprietary production process, the shape of the seal is guaranteed to protect the interlocking “V” groove from damage. In addition, plastic encapsulated stainless steel screws with retainers built into the covers for all trade sizes create a UL-tested, watertight/dust-tight/and corrosion-resistant seal around each screw opening. Even with this new listing, Robroy will continue to provide their Form 8 fittings at the same low cost as the traditional Form 7 fitting.