Robroy Industries Brings Home Best of the Best Award for Brand Awareness

Stephanie Ellis

Gilmer, TX – Robroy Industries, a manufacturer of electrical products including PVC-coated conduit and fittings, non-metallic enclosures, galvanized elbows, couplings, nipples and the original Korns clamps, recently received an award from The Electrical Distributor Magazine for efforts on their re-branding launch. The launch included an updated logo, a new website, updated HR literature, and a set of core values which the company embraces.

Over the years, the Best of the Best judges have developed specific criteria to evaluate marketing efforts. These criteria are based on solid marketing principles and the experience of judges who come from academia, electrical distribution and professional marketing firms. Judges are looking for relevant research, ambitious goals, specific objectives, focused strategies, clearly defined target audiences, and well-executed tactics.

Robroy Industries Marketing Manager, Stephanie Ellis lead the effort on the re-branding project and accepted the award at the NAED (National Association of Electrical Distributors) AdVenture Conference held in Minneapolis, MN.  “I am extremely honored to be bringing home this award."

This was a fun and unique project for me to work on as it included working across several divisions and departments as well as various marketing platforms

Stephanie Ellis - Marketing Manger

"I am also very thankful to work with such a great group of individuals.  Several people from numerous departments within our organization as well as outside vendors contributed to the project.  I think we accomplished our goal, which was to hold on to our legacy, yet communicate that we are the ‘new’ Robroy,” states Ellis.

Robroy Industries was founded as Enameled Metals Company in 1905 by Peter McIlroy, a native of Scotland who began his career working at a steel mill in Pennsylvania.  Throughout the years Robroy has developed a rich history through four generations of leadership by the McIlroy family. The company’s progression in growth is reflected in the updated branding.

The new logo utilizes the traditional knight head and shield which ties to the Scottish heritage of the McIlroy family and the original logo.  The font of the logo has been altered to reflect a more modern appearance as well as the addition of a tagline “Leading the Way.”  This is the largest visual change in the logo since 1967 when Robroy Industries changed their name from the previous company name, Pittsburgh Standard Conduit, after relocating their conduit business to Gilmer, Texas. 

We like to say, ‘We are the youngest old company you’ll ever meet.’

Rob McIlroy - CEO

“Our new logo better communicates what Robroy Industries stands for today,” said Robroy Industries CEO Rob McIlroy.  “With a proven past and a vibrant outlook, we have charted our own unique path and are ‘Leading the Way’ within our market segment.”

Robroy Industries’ new branding further enables the company to stand out as a trusted manufacturer, dedicated to producing quality electrical products within a niche market.  The company is committed to providing end users with innovative and superior products which deliver solutions. Robroy Industries has launched a plethora of innovative products over the last 12 months.

“We’ve developed our infrastructure and built up the resources needed to support ongoing growth,” states Robroy Industries Chairman of the Board Jeff McIlroy. “Today, we balance our past experience with the innovative needs of the future.  Our commitment is learn from the past, plan for the future, live for today.” 

Along with growth and innovation success, Robroy Industries also launched a set of core values which focuses on the people side of the business.  The core values include achievement, balance and appreciation.

Best of the Best 2018

“These values define the way we interact with our clients, our partners and each other.” states Rob McIlroy.  “We know that the success of our company depends on the unity of purpose and principle, providing the framework which guides our employees as they represent Robroy Industries and serves as a guarantee of quality which our clients can trust unreservedly.”

In addition to the updated logo and core values, Robroy Industries also launched a new website.  The upgraded website features a clean layout, improved functionality and a responsive design which responds to a user’s screen size and orientation.  This enhances the user experience regardless of what device they are operating.  The new website also features the company’s extensive history, company news, division information and a section dedicated to giving back to the communities in which they operate.

Robroy Industries’ website will be updated on a regular basis with news of product launches, business activity, corporate milestones and events. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website, view the logo and learn more about the Robroy corporate values at