Robroy Enclosures - A History of “Firsts” –- Then, Now, and Tomorrow.

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Being “first” at something is easy to claim. 


At Robroy Enclosures®, it's a fact.


In 1964 we pioneered the world's first fiberglass electrical enclosure.


We've been pioneering ever since.


Throughout nearly 60 years, our innovation and proven quality have enabled us to lead the electrical products industry in designing, engineering and manufacturing world-class fiberglass, polycarbonate, and PVC electrical and instrumentation enclosures for diverse interior and exterior applications. 


Our two non-metallic enclosure brands, Stahlin® and AttaBox®, provide the marketplace's most extensive in-stock and customized line of non-metallic enclosures and accessories, balancing appealing aesthetics with stringent physical property performance standards including NEMA 4X and NEMA 6P integrity. As a proud U.S. manufacturer, we are the primary source producer of all our own enclosure components.


Our company was originally known as Stahlin Brothers Fibre Works.


John and Paul Stahlin were young entrepreneurs who grew up in the city of Belding, Michigan in the early 1900’s. Beginning in 1935 the Stahlin brothers launched a series of business enterprises serving the appliance, defense, and automotive industries. In 1953 the company made its first venture into both the electrical industry when it began producing a fiberglass panel channel.


Over the next decade, growing expertise in effective production of fiberglass products resulted in the evolution of the world's first electrical fiberglass enclosure and an entire new market sector was born. Growth followed quickly, and many enclosure families that originated during the 1960's and 1970's --- our push-button, J series, and N series --- still exist today as thriving product lines.


In 1978, Robroy Industries of Verona, Pennsylvania reached an agreement to purchase Stahlin Brothers. Robroy Industries was established in 1905 by Peter McIlroy whose fourth-generation great-grandsons, Rob and Jeff, own and operate the company today. 


Organizationally, Stahlin® Enclosures and our more recently acquired AttaBox® Enclosures, are both brands of Robroy Enclosures, which is a subsidiary of Robroy Industries. Backed by the resources of Robroy Industries, we currently offer fiberglass and polycarbonate product families featuring sizes from 2”x2” to 90”x72” plus accessories.


Our pioneering history has empowered us to remain at the very leading edge of today's electrical enclosures industry with hands-on control of our integrated, in-house manufacturing process from first step to last touch. This has resulted in unsurpassed, proven product performance quality. Our non-metallic enclosures offer significant economic savings over metallic alternatives such as stainless steel, yet provide comparable or superior physical property benefits. We are price competitive with other non-metallic material options while frequently offering better performance value.


We are also a proud part of the vibrant community in which our company was founded, grew, and prospered. Robroy Enclosures® has been repeatedly chosen, annually over more than a decade, as one of “West Michigan’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to work for” by the Michigan’s Business and Professional Association. We are honored to be able to support our neighbors through employment opportunities and by way of ongoing civic and charitable contributions.




Being “first” at something is easy to claim. At Robroy Enclosures®, it's a fact.


In 1964 we pioneered the world's first fiberglass electrical enclosure.


There will be more “firsts” to come.